Kellan Lutz As Selena Gomez’ Love Interest?

December 4, 2009

Kellan Lutz, are you finally going to take a leading role? Author Jessica Bendinger is adapting her book The Seven Rays into a movie — which some expect will be the hottest thing since Twilight — and she wants YOU to be the leading man. Move over Robert Pattinson!

The Seven Rays — about a girl named Beth Michaels who discovers she has supernatural and psychic powers (yes, the girl gets the cool powers this time!) — just came out in novel form, but movie chatter has already started. Selena Gomez is in talks to play the lead role, and on the Today show this morning, Dec. 3, Jessica said, “Kellan Lutz has expressed interest in staring as the lead.”

Kellan, who famously turned down the role of Edward in New Moon, told us at the premiere of New Moon he would be happy to take a leading role when the time was right … and maybe now it is!

The leading male role is as Richie Mac “the hottest boy in town” who becomes obsessed with Beth. Kellan, you sound perfect!

Not to mention, the author is already completely obsessed with him! She wrote on her blog, “Kellan was a total pro and a pleasure to work with [on the movie Stick It], and I would work with him again in a heartbeat. When my book was in galley form, I asked Kellan if he’d be willing to read it. Not only did he respond immediately, but he read the book immediately, too. When he was finished, I received an email: ‘I love your book!’ It made my day. I was on cloud nine.”


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