New Teen Comedy ‘Pictures Of You’ Has Us Casting Nick Jonas, Emily Osment And More In Lead Roles


With a plot seemingly ripped from a lost Nicholas Sparks novel, the long-languishing teen comedy script “Pictures of You” is finally set for production.

According to Variety, the film is “set in a Florida resort town [and] centers on a teenage boy who finds a lost camera on the beach. After developing the film, he ends up on a quest to find the girl of his dreams, whose picture was discovered inside the camera.”

Sounds a bit like “Message in a Bottle” meets “Letters to Juliet,” right? We also thought it sounded like a perfect opportunity to take a seat on the Hollywood Crush Casting Couch to select the film’s star-crossed lover leads. Producers, we hope you’re listening!


Lucy Hale

Ever since the early demise of the frothy CW series “Privileged,” there’s been a Lucy-sized hole in our entertainment diet. Though she’s rumored to be starring in the series “Pretty Little Liars,” we want to see more of the plucky brunette on the big screen. Like, now.

Emily Osment

As Miley Cyrus’ long-suffering BFF Lilly Truscott on the Disney series “Hannah Montana,” Emily’s had plenty of experience playing second banana. We’re ready to see the cheery blonde blossom into the leading lady we know she can be. Besides, why should Miley be the only one to kiss pretty boys in the name of cinema?!?


Hunter Parrish

He’s perfected the bad boy persona playing Mary-Louise Parker’s pot-dealing son Silas on the Showtime series “Weeds” and Michelle Trachtenberg’s smarmy boyfriend Stan on the movie “17 Again,” so it seems about time Hunter take on a more romantic role. With his golden looks and undeniable charisma, we could watch Hunter fall in love all day long.

Nick Jonas

He may be kind of busy with the Jonas Brothers and his solo project Nick Jonas and the Administration, but we think if the right script were to come along, Nick could take a break for some movie making. Besides, he’s watched older brother Joe foster an onscreen love connection on “Camp Rock,” so we think the younger Jonas deserves a little lovin’ too.


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