Oscars Reject Miley… Again.

On The Oscars’ red carpet in 2008, Miley Cyrus shared a dream [secret] with her best friend Ryan Seacrest, while they chatted on E!, Miley told them “One day I’ll be here with my own movie!”.

Last year, Miley actually came super close to win an Oscar Nomination in the category for best song as co-writer of “I Thought I Lost You,” that was featured and written for Bolt, The Movie. It was also nominated at the Golden Globes, and Critics Choice Awards.

Now, more bad Oscar news for Miley fans. Even though she may appear to be in the running for “Don’t Walk Away” — a song that she co-wrote, which appears in the film version of “Hannah Montana” — it’s not eligible because it wasn’t written specifically for the movie. One song from “Hannah Montana” is being submitted for the Oscars’ best-song race, “Butterfly Fly Away,” but she doesn’t share composition credit with Glen Ballard and Alan Silvestri. Pity. Both were nominated forpenning “Believe,” sung by Josh Groban in “Polar Express” (2004). The song lost to “Al otro lado del rio” from “The Motorcycle Diaries.”

Groban didn’t share the nomination for “Believe” because singers don’t count at the Oscars, just the writers. Thus Miley can’t be nominated for “Butterfly Fly Away,” which she croons with her poppa, Billy Ray Cyrus.

That means Adam Lambert can’t be nominated for crooning “Time for Miracles,” which he sings in “2012.” He doesn’t share co-writing credit. But that doesn’t matter anyway because “Time for Miracles” isn’t eligible for Oscar consideration — it wasn’t written specifically for the film.




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