David Ryan Harris Talks Nick Jonas and The Administration

“I know the photo looks like a surveillance tape from a studio break in where the subject is receiving instructions in his headphones, but wait…….

Mid March of this year, I get a call from my friend John Fields asking me if I wanted to go to Nashville and play on a Nick Jonas record he was going to be working on in April.

Michael Bland? Tommy Barbarella? John Fields? Nick Jonas?

No doubt. I’m waaaaay down like a St. Louis Rams fan.

At that point, I had no idea how great the material would turn out to be and how much I would come to respect both the poise and songwriting of “the youngest Jonas”.

I had an amazing time playing, hanging, and getting to know everyone involved. I think the songs are great and I got to play a boatload of guitar solos all over the record. Plus, I was allowed (encouraged?) to do my Sly Stone vocal “approximation” on “Stronger”. All around…..a great way to spend my birthday (check the photo date)

Though I won’t be joining the guys on the road for the touring they’ll do over the next year or so, (Sonny T will be on guitar for the tour) I am as proud of my contribution to the record, and the record as a whole as I have ever been with anything I’ve ever done. Prepare to rethink.”

Credit and @NickJCentral



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