Selena thinks Tour with Demi would be fun

Selena Gomez new TV GUIDE interview. On her volunteerism: Radio Disney is having this contest called ‘Give Back.’ The winner will fly to California and with me, go to the UNICEF office and donate $5,000. Being blessed to have a voice and using it for causes that are important to me and educate kids my age about everything going on outside of either our country or even the next state over, I’m honestly the luckiest girl in the whole world.

Wizards of Waverly Place details: We are on Season 3 right now, so we have a lot more magic. My character, Alex, has a lot of growing to do and she falls in love for the first time. [Sel’s love interest is played by British actor Gregg Sulkin, who stars in Disney Channel UK’s As the Bell Rings.]

Harder to maintain privacy now? Just a little bit, but I think that I can speak for my cast as well, that we obviously haven’t forgotten that they’re the reason why we’re here, so we would never once complain about that.

How is your band going? It’s going really well. It’s my debut album and we’re able to tour it on the weekends. My fans from the show are being really supportive of my music. Would you and BFF Demi ever tour together? That would be awesome. I’m doing my show and she has her show, but that would be fun.


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