Billy Ray Cyrus Offers the Lohan’s Advice

Miley Cyrus’ father Billy Ray knows a thing or two about raising kids in the spotlight. His daughter Miley is arguably one of the most famous teenagers on the planet, but he still managed to keep her on the right track.

Raising a child star that doesn’t steer off course can’t be easy, look at what happened to Lindsay Lohan! So if Billy was Lindsay’s father, what kind of advice would he offer her?

“You know I just tell my kids to follow their dreams, and follow their hearts and know that they’re allowed to make mistakes. I happen to be very good at making mistakes, and I tell them that,” Billy Ray told Hollyscoop at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ Diversity Committee and Hallmark Channel present a special sneak preview of Christmas in Canaan.

He added, “The key is when you make a mistake, life is about adjustments, and if you feel like you made a left when you should have made a right, stop and get yourself together. Live by the law of what is right, and that’s what I was raised to believe and I think that my kids were raised to believe and I think that.”

Billy also revealed his holiday plans to us. “I’m leaving for New York the day after tomorrow, and I’ll be in New York for a week then I’m going to go to Iraq to play for the troops. I’ll be up on Iraq until Christmas Eve, and then I’ll reunite with the family in London.”


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One Response to Billy Ray Cyrus Offers the Lohan’s Advice

  1. andrea says:

    Billy Ray is giving advice to Lindsey’s father! ha It should be the other way around.

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