Pinestone Resort in Haliburton gets a gift from the Jonas Brothers

Nick Jonas recently celebrated his birthday and was surprised to find that his family had contacted Cynthia Romanyk, General Manager of the Pinestone Resort & Conference Centre to track down the piano he wrote their platinum hit “A Little Bit Longer” on and got it for him.

Nick first wrote the song while staying at the hotel back in 2007 while the band was there in Haliburton filming the Disney movie “Camp Rock”.

“This piano definitely has a special meaning for me. I originally wanted to get a plaque just to have put on that piano…saying that I wrote the song on it, but my family just decided to get it for me”, he told Cynthia upon the Brothers arrival in September at Pinestone Resort while they filmed the sequel to Camp Rock.

The Jonas Brothers have since presented the Pinestone Resort & Conference Centre with their Platinum Award. The inscription reads “Presented to Pinestone Resort to commemorate RIAA certified sales of more than 1,000,000 copies of the Hollywood Records compact disc “A Little Bit Longer”. A great many thanks to the Pinestone Resort & Conference Centre from The Jonas Brothers”. The plaque will be prominently displayed in the resort’s lobby.

The Jonas Brothers wanted to thank the people of Haliburton for their warm hospitality and respect for the privacy they received while staying there this past September. The time alone afforded to Nick even allowed him to write yet another song on the piano he plans on using at his brother Kevin’s upcoming wedding.



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