Were Miley and Selena Told to Diss New Moon?

Miley Cyrus  and  Selena Gomez dont like Twilight. Miley told a radio station this week: “It’s a cult. I don’t believe in it.” And Selena told Bonnie Hunt that when it comes to the Saga flicks, “I don’t watch them.” Which is odd, because just this past June, she was asked about Twilight and said: “It was good. It was really good.”

What people are wondering here is whether Miley, and now Taylor Lautner’s ex, were told to say nasty things.

Did Disney have a hand in this? Well… Certainly studio contracts do contain some muzzling of their stars.

“For example, if Miley actually loathed that sunny, singing Hannah Montana character she plays, she couldn’t exactly let loose on Disney in the press without suffering some sort of legal backlash. But do those contracts also require nastiness toward perceived rivals? Not likely, entertainment attorneys tell me. “I would be a little surprised if there were something in their Disney contracts that said, ‘You can’t comment favorably on a product that is being produced by Warner Brothers,’ ” for example, says Jeffrey Spitz, attorney at the entertainment law firm Greenberg Glusker. “If a studio were asking something like that, the person’s attorney would probably say, ‘Wait a minute, what are you talking about here?’ It’s just too weird.” So what’s left? Casting directors have told me in the past that occasionally an actor will disparage an overly popular franchise just to get some cred with a new, older audience. Which could be the case with these tweens, who likely are trying to grow up and away from, like, tween stuff. Or, sometimes one must simply apply Occam’s razor—if Miley says she doesn’t like Twilight, she just might simply…not like Twilight. End of story.”


2 Responses to Were Miley and Selena Told to Diss New Moon?

  1. Anonyumos says:

    I doubt they were told that not everyone is a Twilight saga fan.

  2. Jingles says:

    I am thinking Miley and Selena both probably have some jealousy to the attention the New Moon movie and it’s stars are getting. Mily in particular has always seemed to be a very jealous type, after Taylor Swift blew up and became more loved than Miley, Miley quit mentioning her unless she’s asked about her and has always given little digs at her.

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