Leighton Meester Collabs with … Lil’ Wayne?

Gossip Girl beauty Leighton Meester tells MTV that the collaborators on her upcoming debut album include “Prom Queen” rapper Lil Wayne.

According to Meester, the pair initially hooked up a few months ago, and the “incredibly polite and respectful” Wayne eventually offered to contribute to her track “Make it Rain”:

“I sent him a couple of my songs. He’s been diggin’ on them for a while. Then he heard [‘Make It Rain’], and he was like, ‘All right, I’m gonna kill it!’ “

So how did the collaboration go down? Meester recounts the tale of their late-night studio meet-up:

“It was like, literally, 4 o’clock in the morning. He was so sick—he didn’t even write anything down. He just, like, vibed to the music and dances. I don’t even know how he does it; he’s amazing.”

It’s a good thing that Meester got a chance to work with Lil Wayne while she could. Word is, his schedule won’t be nearly so open in the upcoming months.

Credit: CeleBuzz

One Response to Leighton Meester Collabs with … Lil’ Wayne?

  1. Nicole says:

    That’s gonna be dopee!! Haha
    I love leightons voice 🙂

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