Miley Cyrus has stars in her eyes in this new outtake from the December 09/January 2010 of Seventeen magazine.

The 16-year-old spilled to the mag about fashion, Tybee Island and costar Liam Hemsworth. Check it:

On picking trends for her fashion line, Miley Cyrus & Max Azria: “We look into fashion designs very much in advance. We started the plaid shirts and the cheetah pants before people started seeing it [on runways]. When you first look at it as a designer, you think Okay, this is going to be a little crazy. But you don’t know what’s going to be in in a year like Max [Azria] does. Max looks at other designers, and you know it’s very advanced. He’s got the inside scoop.”

On her love for touring: “With a tour, you’re doing the exact same thing every day for like a year. So sometimes that can be kind of hard, because you’re like, I want to do something new and exciting. So you’ve got to make it your job as the artist — especially since we do some cities twice — to make it something new and fun every night. So we’ll do games and stuff on the stage: We have this one stupid dance move that we do that we keep tally of and see who in the show can do it the most in that night, and we keep it fun and do silly things, but still also put on a great show.”

On the possibility of leaving Los Angeles behind: “I think one day I’ll live on Tybee [Island, where The Last Song was filmed]. That’s where I see myself 10 years from now. I could see myself maybe wanting to just chill out and be somewhere like that. And that’s where I feel at home, where I feel like my heart is.”

On her The Last Song costar Liam: “So I heard a rumor that he didn’t really want the role, and so when he came in to audition for the role, I’m thinking Here’s this guy, he’s amazingly good-looking, super-confident, and he doesn’t realize how blessed he is to be in this room, because I know how blessed I am. This is such a big opportunity for both of us.”



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